How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay for College: Outline and Topics

Many students regard a cause and effect essay as an uphill task. However, that is not the case. It follows a very logical pattern which when you create the essay’s outline, completing it is faster and more comfortable than you think.

Do you know how to write a cause and effect essay? Perhaps you might have learned about writing articles on causes and effects in high school or writing classes in college because they are usually part of the syllabus.

The following cause and effect essay outline will give you an insight on all you need to know to write an A+ paper. Stay put and read on as you develop your cause and effect essay ideas.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

A cause and effect essay is a piece of writing, which explains the origin of an issue and gives details of the results arising from its occurrence. The best way to start is by drafting the piece.

To do so correctly, you need to follow the laid out cause and effect essay structure. The general rule is that you need to explain why something occurred because of another.

The result is the effect arising from the cause. Depending on the structure of your essays, the causes and effects maybe many.

However, you should not just go ahead and write your article: an outline for your essay is important.

In college, you will always be required to write about a cause and effect essay. For instance, you may have to analyze the relationship between global warming and climate change or lenient gun laws mass shootings.

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What Does Cause and Effect Mean?

Before embarking on writing this kind of essay, you need to understand the meaning of “a cause” and “an effect.”

A cause explains the reason why something happens, while an effect is the result of the cause. Effects and causes are diverse: you have the opportunity to choose what you can explain fully. They include:

  • Primary objectives and effects (most important)
  • Less essential or the contributory causes and effects
  • Immediate causes and effects (Direct)
  • Remote reasons and effects (not obvious)

The topic selection comes after understanding the causes and results. Decide on the subject to write.

Ensure that the relationship between the roots and the effects of the issue you choose is clear.


First, list down any possible effect and cause related to the topic you want to write.

It is a smart idea that will help you in being focused then analyze every cause and effect that you have listed as you weigh the strength of their relationship.

While doing so, you will see precisely know how things fit together and the topics that interest you.

Create a Comprehensive Outline

Essay writing becomes successful when you develop a good outline. It is always important to do some research if you know nothing or little about the topic.

While choosing your topic, you can present an event, trend, or phenomenon to represent the “cause” and the starting point of your essay.

Always ensure that you explain your essay’s cause background in details. It will give your college paper a base, and your readers will be in a position to understand your stand them decide on what structure to use so that you can outline your essay.

Depending on your research or preference, you can base your essay on a single effect but with multiple causes, or one cause with many results.

By brainstorming the causes and effects, you may stumble upon the best topics to use for your essay.

For instance, you will be able to identify the essential general statement to help in proving that effects relate to the causative factors. You can also use the points to form topic sentences.

You should then list your point or first statement as a continuation to your outline. It will act as your first effect as you list either one or all causes and give details of the impact.

Under each feature, give supporting points and list them. Then connect to the next paragraph by writing a lead sentence.

On reaching to the point, you need to repeat the structure. In point form, list all the supporting details. Then write a leading sentence that will connect you to the next paragraph.

Under all your listed points, write a conclusion. All the paragraphs should link to the topic sentence and conclusion. At this point, your essay has the following:

  • An introduction
  • Three principal statements highlighting causes
  • Conclusion

With this, you can now go ahead and use the outline to write your actual essay.

Write the Introduction

The introduction’s role in a cause and effect essay is to:

  • Describe the background of the issue
  • Explain the reasons
  • Explain the importance of understanding the effects

If the effects’ objects are known, you can also go ahead and write about them. Whichever way, the introduction states the purpose of the essay, and it explains the issues at hand.

To conclude your introduction paragraph, you should use a thesis statement.

Remember to give your essay’s preview in the introduction by letting the reader grasp an idea on what you will cover.

 As you write your paper, prove and support your thesis statement!

For example, if you are writing about a country’s prohibition, you can write a thesis statement reading the following: “Pressure from religious groups creates a lucrative illegal industry that causes the government to implement prohibition.”

Use three or more points to explain the general statement or any other that you choose as you seek to prove the statement. The three points are supposed to be your outline structure.

Make Strong Arguments

While writing your essay, organize your ideas in paragraphs each supported not less than three arguments.

The ideas should also be the main points of your essay as you explain your events, trends, or phenomenon’s effect just as you would do in a lab report example biology, process analysis essay topics, and custom term paper.

Always refer back to the cause to create a link or connection. In this regard, your audience will be in a position to process your causes and effects well.

For every argument, you need to back it up with 2-3 strong and factual statements for support.

For instance, if your case states “Bootleggers that feuded led to increased crime with violence,” you will have to use statistics of crime for that era to support this argument.

Avoid many points because they will confuse your reader. You are required to limit your points to three major ones.

The causes and effects may be many, but remember to narrow them up to three by summarizing them into significant points.

Content Details

The length of the content dictates the number of paragraphs your essay will have. If you intend to write many points, your essay’s body will have many sections.

However, no matter the paragraphs you use in your piece, they all must be similar in describing one feature of your arguments such as a specific cause or effect.

Just like in a persuasive essay outline, the first sentence of every paragraph should connect with and transit smoothly from the last sentence of the previous paragraph. It also must be clear.

How you transit the last sentence of your paragraph to the first sentence of the next new paragraph determines if your essay is good or excellent. Lastly, ensure that the content of your paragraph includes a precise analysis and a detailed description of the cause and effect’s relationship.


Although your readers encounter it towards the end of your essay, the section matters because it leaves a lasting impression.

Therefore, you have to draw all the evidence used in all the body paragraphs into a summary and place it in conclusion. Just like a definition essay, you have to present the analysis question to provoke the reader to accept your argument.

Ensure that the end is powerful. It should also include the summary of the main points of the essay.

Remember to include your insights in the form of ideas, solutions, or perspectives on the topic in the conclusion just like how to write a reaction paper.

As you have seen from the cause and effect essay examples for college, your conclusion paragraph’s last sentence should be different from your introduction paragraph’s final sentence, but both sentences should restate your essay’s significant points.

Just like a research paper outline and reflective essay examples, support the points with evidence from your essay’s body then end your conclusion with a recap of your essay’s causes and effects as discussed.

When writing essays about cause and effect, it is crucial to state the essay’s main idea. Then always revisit the main points to enable your thoughts connects with those of your readers.

Essay Organization

Plan and organize your paper expertly to depict your college or university standards. The best model to follow, the outline should have the thesis statement that presents your trend, event, or phenomenon at the beginning of the essay. 

Remember that every paragraph begins with a sentence that explains the topic’s cause or effect.

Just like with any other essay, a cause and effect essay requires practice. Emphasizing through the famous quote that states, “Practice makes perfect, you need to write many articles to perfect the art.”

Ensure that you go through your work as many times as you can after finishing ensuring that all is clear and grammatically correct or pay someone to write my paper.

Moreover, give a friend or tutor to check it out for you before submitting. Sometimes, other people will see mistakes that we may have ignored.

With such steps and our essay writer service, we will write a successful and great essay that will guaranteed an A+ score.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

  1. Write an essay on causes and effects of recession
  2. Becoming successful essay
  3. Cause and Effect Essay- social media linked to suicide
  4. A change in the way you deal with other people!
  5. Effects pet ownership
  6. Cause and effect of global warming
  7. Write a cause and effect essay on why parents home school their children (the cause), and what the effects of homeschooling.
  8. Causes and effects of racism
  9. How do factory wastes affect the environment?
  10. A cause and effect essay on the effect of online education on students
  11. Cause and effect essay how did the hostage crisis in Iran come about how did it end
  12. Does media based relationship and communities have a damaging effect on our society?
  13. Effect of a Supreme Court case of women’s rights
  14. Effects of poor waste disposal
  15. Write a 500-word cause and effect essay about something you are familiar with.
  16. Discuss the cause and effect of the popularity of reality TV shows
  17. Cause and effect essay (Air, Water and Noise pollution)
  18. Insomnia Cause and Effect Essay
  19. Should illegal immigrants in the Unites States have constitutional rights?
  20. Macbeth’s cause and effect essay

 Things about the Cause and Effect Essay You Should Know

Cause and effect essay writing is specialized and associated with a unique structure. Deviating from the set structure will result in a non-coherent piece.

The following are things you should have in mind about this essay:

  1. Topic Understanding

With limited knowledge, you are likely to come up with an inferior paper if you do not understand the topic well!

Before you even start writing, understand what you intend to write and the essential details such trends, language use, or popular terms.

  1. Proper Grammar

Flawless grammar results in a great piece. If you fail to pay attention to your grammar, you will lose many points or even lose your audience’s concentration.

You should follow all the grammar rules such as the use of proper tense, punctuation, and capitalization. Always seek help where possible.

  1. Split and Space the Essay

Even the renowned patient reader will not withstand reading an essay with no spaces, paragraphs, and proper punctuation.

Ensure that your paper has a title and an introduction. Include the body consisting of some sections and finalize with a conclusion giving the essay’s final thoughts.

Depending on the amount of content, split the body into suitable paragraphs.

  1. Coherence and the Flow

After finalizing your piece, read it through to check if it flows. If there is no coherence, correct and rewrite it to ensure an excellent paper.

An essay that flows and transits ideas from one paragraph to another smoothly is unique, pleases, and is easy on the reader’s eyes.

You should not ignore the rules on writing a cause and effect essay. These writing rules are very glaring.

The essay should depict a professional approach if you following these rules while eliminating the flaws.

Depending on how well you follow the writing rules, you will end up with an excellent or a pathetic essay.

With the points, you can now go ahead and write an excellent cause and effect essay. Eventually, you will have the skills on how to search for the right topic, how to come up with an outline and structure, and how to conclude.

As long as you follow the above steps, rules, and grammar guidelines, you will write an A+ paper. You have no reason to fear or present a bad essay; go ahead and try our college essay writing service.

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