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A thesis statement is a claim or an idea that your essay explains or argues. It mainly consists of two or three sentences written in the introductory part of your essay.

Since they come as the LAST SENTENCE of the first paragraph, they inform your audience of the three essential things:

First, it communicates the main idea in your paper. Secondly, it says of the significant specific reasons for supporting the thesis statement and lastly, the order of discussing these reasons.

It forms a significant part of your writing and should be written with all diligence it requires.

For accurate communication of your ideas, you should develop a thesis statement that is precise yet well informative of your thoughts, views, and opinions.

Whether you are writing an argumentative essay or an informative or a comparison, you must have it. However, the most commonplace to use a thesis is in essay writing.

Without a thesis, your arguments fall flat, and your information becomes unfocused—some of the essential questions you need to ask yourself before formulating it.

Keep in mind that a thesis statement differs from a purpose statement, which explains what you want to do in your essay.

How do I Generate a Thesis Statement?

A thesis comes as a result of a lengthy thinking and planning process. Generating it is not the first thing to do after reading an assignment.

Before developing an argument, you should first come up with clear evidence by looking visibly at the relationship between the facts which are known and the significance of that relationship.

Basically, after doing your thorough research, you will most probably come up with a thesis statement that represents the ideas of your argumentation.

How Long Should A Thesis Statement Be?

For every essay that you write, it should have a clear idea, a central message. Your views should reflect the arguments that are in your article.

An appropriate thesis statement does not need to be too long. It should only cover two or three sentences in your introduction. The report should guide the reader of your essay by keeping the argument focused.

Is Your Thesis Statement Specific?

Your thesis should be clear and as specific as possible. It is refined as you continue to discuss your arguments, so you should have a clear statement that focuses on the essay’s significant ideas.

With specificity, your writing will be more successful than writing general things that do not say much. It should be persuasive and the reasons why your opinion is true.

Is Your Thesis Statement too General?

Your thesis statement should be limited to what can be accomplished in the specific number of pages.

As you make your topic and thesis straightforward, you should use an original idea. It should not be different from your writing.

It should make your readers view what you’re talking about. Similarly, it would be best if you avoided vague words, abstract words, and technical language.

Is a Thesis Statement Generator a Good Idea?

If you are not well-versed with creating your thesis statement, it can prove an uphill task. However, with the thesis statement maker, you can find amazing ideas to help you find an excellent thesis statement.

Therefore, a thesis generator, coupled with your research skills, will result in a great piece. Go for it and practice. Over time, you will perfect the skill.

Tips to Generate a Thesis Statement

A thesis is one of the essential parts of your essay. It brings your thoughts and opinions to a platform where anyone can read and understand with ease.

Since it is an integral part of your writing, it’s an excellent idea to look at some tips on generating a good thesis.

1.    Have a Strong Topic

Your topic forms the central argument of your paper. A few words or phrases summarize the subject of your essay.

Con consider a persuasive topic for your essay, which you are comfortable discussing. A strong argument justifies your statement.

2.    State your Main Ideas Regarding the Topic

For a good representation of your ideas, you should try to prove your topic.

Try to persuade your readers about your topic by expressing one primary idea to support your main opinions using facts and reasons.

Likewise, you should make sure that your audience flows with you all along in your writing.

3.    Include an Opposing Views to Your Idea

Good thesis statements usually acknowledge that there is another side of the argument.

Include a counterargument to your opinion.

Consider what another person who disagrees with your views might say about the topic. Such a thesis statement reveals objectivity in your essay and eliminates biases.

4.    Write the Thesis Statement as the Last Thing

Since your thesis is in the introductory paragraph, it should be compelling and appealing. Using jargon and industry-ambiguous terms will not put off your readers.

Since you may not know the direction your essay will take, it helps to write it as the last thing along with your conclusion when you have relevant topic sentences in your essay.

Such makes sure you do not leave out important details or include an idea that you won’t discuss.

Thesis Statements Examples for College Essays

Persuasive Thesis Statement

This thesis guides you when you create an essay that takes a position on a subject that is debatable.

It should entail something different from other people’s opinions to provide information intended to help persuade the reader regarding a particular issue.

Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Research papers start with a question, and you will have to gather portent evidence from valid sources to inform how you will craft your thesis.

 In such a case, it answers your research question and comes because of the research you have completed. In this type of essay, you should include your sources that inform your thesis.

Compare and Contrast Thesis

A compare and contrast essay shows the similarities or the differences between two things, people of ideas. This thesis statement brings the reader to the result of comparison and the importance of the contrast.


The thesis statement forms an essential part of any academic writing. It represents an interpretation of a literary work based on an analysis of its content by summing up the paper’s central argument.

Your idea should have a persuasive topic, be clear, specific, and help directly in answering the claims in your writing.

Similarly, when generating your research paper thesis statement, you should use facts to support your claims or main ideas in your essay or research paper.

If you are having a difficult time getting your topic sentence, a thesis statement generator will come in handy Ensure you fill in the spaces correctly.

The thesis statement maker will help you brainstorm on the best ways of presenting your main arguments. Check out our guides on writing a critical thinking essay and college application essay

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