Persuasion and Argument Reflective Essay

Persuasion communication is a critical aspect of getting things done or uniting people behind an idea. It is not easy to accomplish these without a structured communication process that starts with a claim, requires a piece of evidence, or focuses on persuading the audience, which makes Persuasion and Argument a handy tool.

Professional communication requires a systemic approach, which is why I have selected persuasion and argument communication patterns.

The Art of Persuasion

Persuasion and argument is the most intriguing rhetorical pattern I have acquired in the lessons. The method provides a reliable approach for developing a case in multiple fields or disciplines.

I can formulate systematic arguments, making case after case. For instance, I take a position on the problem and find pieces of evidence in support of my position. The argument must be reasonable and defendable; otherwise, it would be pointless taking a stand.

Alternatively, I can research on the topic and develop pieces of evidence supporting my position on the issue. Besides, the method requires a rational consideration of opposing views. I have developed discipline and willingness to listen to other’s arguments and abandon my position if their arguments are sensible.

The advantage of the approach is its emphasis on an evidence-based case; the evidence could be statistics, qualitative research, statements from authorizes, and other credible sources.

Therefore, the method helps me convince others about my position on an issue and help others convince me through a standardized approach.

My focus is to develop and apply the persuasion and argument approach in my future professional development. I was impressed by three techniques in the pattern: pathos, logos, and ethos.

I refer to the trio as a holistic approach in argument and persuasion. Pathos is an intriguing style allowing me to connect with my audience’s emotions.

The emotional aspect of humanity is critical to making an audience sympathize with my views as I connect with their problems. It provides an avenue for identifying with the audience as fellow humans. Logos refers to the use of logic in making arguments.

Statistics and pieces of evidence belong to this category and are the most critical in the argument part. I have learned to judge materials to determine the credibility and use reliable materials in making logical conclusions.

The style facilitates the development of sensible positions and eliminates the possibility of confusion and erroneous beliefs. I insist on the method as it provides a suitable means for helping me to understand why my position could be wrong

Evidence presented in opposition to my argument can readily convince me through this method. Ethos refers to the use of or reference to people with a shared understanding.

The style helps me bring together people sharing my views to illustrate that my interpretation and opinions are shared and observable. However, I do not intend to abandon my position when alone, but logical evidence supports it.

Therefore, I will use the technique in my professional development because of its ability to present an organized system of reasons and appeal to human life that can be demonstrated or challenged.

Reviewing my classmates’ ideas and paragraphs helped me improve my understanding and use of persuasion and argument. I had the opportunity to observe my weaknesses as I read articles that used the technique better than I did. I also learned from the mistakes of others.

The readings have helped me approach writing and communication as a growing skill that must be nurtured through vocabulary acquisition, stylistic devices, and open-mindedness.

Persuasion and argument remain my priority in writing. The pattern will help me develop cases in my professional development, refute errors, and get support for my projects and Do my homework Now.

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