How to Write a Comparative Analysis Essay on Two Articles and Books Example

Writing an essay is a difficult task, more so a comparative essay. While most essays require you to research one subject, the comparative analysis demands that you research the two subjects and compare their relationship. How do you start off a comparative analysis essay? You ask. The introduction is the first paragraph the reader encounters, this means you can have a positive emotional impact on them by writing an appealing intro. Having many years of writing experience, we have put together tips to pen an excellent comparative essay.

Below are ways on how to write a compare and contrast essay.

Read the Topic to Understand

It is common for many learners to answer a different question rather than that set by the instructor. To understand the topic of discussion, read and re-read the instructions of your professor or teacher until you can identify the requirements of your theme.

You may also encounter a topic that has two quotes. In this case, you should research the context of each, pinpoint the key ideas that each of them addresses, and comprehend how the ideas are explored in the two texts.


Before you begin writing your paper, you need to put down a strategy. This strategy will help you not to stray from your topic. Generally, students will take more than one day to write the standard essay- 5 paragraph essay. Essays demand a lot of time because they require you to research in two approaches, i.e., in-depth and widespread.

Break down the writing process into small steps. Schedule your time according to each step’s needs. Plan for the time you will research, the time for writing the different parts of the essay, proofreading time, and editing time. It is vital to start strategizing early so that you can have ample time to craft your paper.

Comparative Analysis Essay’s Structure

The typical structure of an essay has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. With the comparative analysis, after writing your introduction, you can choose to have the second paragraph dealing with similarities of the two items, then the third paragraph dealing with the differences of the items, and finally pen the conclusion of your paper.

Alternatively, you can pen your introduction, write a paragraph on one subject, write another paragraph on the other subject, and end with a conclusion. This approach is the block method, which is usually useful for shorter comparative analysis essays.

Another method you may use is the point by point method. In this method, you compare the two subjects point after point. It is effective because it helps the reader understand the differences and similarities between the two.

Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. This paragraph presents to your reader the subjects and the thesis. It is significant to create an appealing and believable intro. You can begin with a fascinating fact regarding your subjects. Alternatively, you can start your comparative analysis essay with a question that you will address in your thesis and the arguments that follow. Give some background information on the two items you will be writing about.

The compare and contrast thesis should finalize the introduction. The thesis should give an overview of the two subjects of discussion. Make sure you show the relationship between the two items in a precise way to the reader.

What Should a Compare and Contrast Essay Identify?

A comparative analysis pinpoints diverse issues of the two subjects in the discussion. In case we have two subjects that are A and B, the essay will scrutinize their relationship in numerous aspects. Here are a few approaches in which the comparison essay examines the subjects.

How is A, and B correlated?

What is the background of A compared to the background of B?

Where is A located compared to B?

How do the physical features of A contrast to those of B?

Usually, the points that a comparative essay identifies are associated with the similarities and differences between the two subjects.


For you to have adequate information to write about the topic, you must do a lot of research. When researching, gain a thorough comprehension of your subjects. A good approach to use is having two columns, and titles of the subjects in each. Pen the information you find in the columns appropriately.

Search online and make sure your sources are credible. Don’t take any information from unreliable sites. If it calls for finding another source to prove the first, it is better. Make sure you preserve your sources for later reference.

Use Linking Words

Regardless of the structure for your comparative analysis essay, it is essential to use linking words and phrases correctly. The links maintain fluency and enable the reader to comprehend the connection between the concepts you are discussing whether they are differences or similarities.

Examples of linking words are- in the same fashion, also, likewise, in the same way, similarly, etc.

Examples of linking phrases include: on the other hand, however, conversely, on the contrary, in contrast, etc.


It is common for many writers to make mistakes as they write. Don’t feel guilty if you find yourself making such. After writing the first draft of your comparative analysis essay, identify the errors you might have made. Check for grammatical errors and unsuitable transitions. Confirm the uniformity of the style and the format used in your essay.


Make the changes that you need to produce an excellent comparative essay. Remember to put the references to avoid plagiarism. You can use the standard formatting styles or any other according to your instructor’s guidelines. You also need to revise and confirm that all your instructor’s expectations are met.


Understanding what your instructor requires you to do is fundamental for excellent essay writing. Planning will help you not to waste time getting stuck in the course of authoring your paper. With intensive and extensive research, you will have enough information to compare and contrast the two subjects in your comparative analysis essay.

Pen an exceptional introduction of your comparison essay to trigger the interest of the reader. Appropriate use of linking phrases and words is significant for fluency. After proofreading and editing your paper, you can hand it over to your instructor.

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