How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper Project Example APA

The conclusion for a research paper should help your prof understand why your research is important after they complete reading the paper. It’s important to note that the conclusion isn’t a summary or a re-statement of the research problem’s key points.

Instead, the conclusion should sum up what you present in your research paper without sounding redundant. Your conclusion may also include recommendations of new areas you think may need future research.

In this article, I will discuss the importance of a conclusion and tips to help you write a research paper conclusion, and by the end of this article, you’ll know how to write a strong conclusion paragraph.

Importance of a Strong Conclusion

Writing a strong conclusion for a research paper will allow you to demonstrate to your professor your understanding of the research question or research problem you discussed in your paper. The conclusion will also allow you to:

Present your last words on key issues you raised in your research paper: Just like the introduction gives a first impression, the conclusion will leave a lasting impression. For example, your conclusion will highlight key findings by noting the essential implications in your paper.

Summarize your thoughts: The conclusion will enable you to answer the question, “so what?” You can do this by placing your study within the context of how your research improves previous research on the topic.

Describe how knowledge gaps in the topic have been addressed: In your conclusion, you can describe how your research has filled the gaps in the literature review you discussed in your paper.

Demonstrate why your ideas are important: The conclusion section provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of your research findings.

Introduce new or expand on ways of thinking about the research topic: This doesn’t mean that you have to introduce new ideas. Instead, you should offer new insight for framing the research question or research problem based on the results you present in your study.

Tips on Writing a Research Paper Conclusion

If you’re like most students, you’re most likely interested in learning how to write a good conclusion for a research paper. To write solid paper conclusions, follow the steps below:

Restate Your Research Topic

Are you wondering how to start a conclusion for a research paper? Start by restating your research topic. One sentence is enough to restate your topic clearly. However, you also need to explain why the topic is important. Remember to state the important information clearly. Here is a good example:

“Water pollution has increased since 2005, and it has contributed to an increase in unsafe drinking water as well as a decrease in aquatic wildlife.”

Rephrase Your Thesis Statement

The next most important step is to summarize the thesis statement you presented in the introduction of your research paper.

Remember to reword your thesis statement. Ideally, your rephrased thesis statement can be written in just one sentence. For example:

“Clean water is essential to protecting the public’s health and sustaining ecological balance.”

Briefly Summarize the Paper’s Main Points

As we noted earlier, your research paper’s conclusion shouldn’t be a summary of what you presented in your paper. Instead, you should sum up the key points of your paper. To do this, start by reading through your paper again and pick out the main points.

Avoid including more information than the relevant facts in your paper. Summarizing your key points will remind your prof about the importance of your research topic. Below is an example:

“With the increase in rice farming to sustain the high food demand, pollutants from excessive usage of fertilizers are entering freshwater supplies. The increase in water pollution has contributed to the decrease in marine life. Aquatic plants and animals die, people suffer from respiratory illnesses, and there’s a shortage of clean drinking water.”

Pull together your main points

After discussing the key points of your research paper, you need to go the extra mile and discuss their significance.

You can do this by discussing how the impact of your research question affects a certain outcome. Additionally, you can include the results of other studies or findings that can further support the information on your research paper. Here’s a great example:

“Marine biologists, along with ecologists, continuously measure water quality, and research experts are trying to identify new ways to combat pollution from commercial farms. This research will help decrease pollutant concentration in freshwater supplies.”

Write your final thoughts

When finishing the conclusion for a research paper, you may want to pose an idea or create a call to action that encourages your readers to think more about your argument. Consider using sentences that address any other questions that you didn’t answer in the body of your research paper. Here is an example:

“Failing to combat the adverse effects that commercial rice farming has on our freshwater systems, our drinking water supplies will gradually diminish. Further research is needed on how to sustain our clean water while supporting the rising food demand.”

Pro Tips to Remember When Writing Your Research Paper

  • Keep the main points of your thesis statement and summarize essential points concisely.
  • Don’t start off the conclusion with basic statements like “to summarize” or “in conclusion.” Such statements can be redundant.
  • Make your information clear and understandable by providing questions and answers, suggestions, and results in your argument.
  • Only include relevant points and arguments that you presented in the body of your research paper. Avoid bringing in new information.

If you’re discussing a complex topic and get overwhelmed, you can experiment with different conclusion styles. However, sticking with a basic summary format will help you include all the relevant elements of a strong conclusion.

Are You Stuck on Your Conclusion?

Following the above guide on how to write a conclusion for your research paper will help you produce an accurate one.

However, if you find yourself struggling to write a solid final clause, don’t shy away from entrusting this important task to experienced professionals. Our expert essay writers will help you cope with research paper conclusion writing and ensure you ace your paper.

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