How to Write a College Application Essay That Stands Out

Writing a college application essay challenges every applicant unless it’s not their first time. You cannot compare it to papers you wrote at school during exams or assignments.

For the school papers, you only need to dedicate your time to studying smart, and you can answer them. The essay requires you to be able to express yourself clearly and be yourself.

You are to tell the admission board members who you are and your qualities, by giving your real-life examples.

Although challenging, it is possible to write an exceptional admission essay. Excellence should not terrify you. It does not mean you have to be perfect; you only need to be outstanding.

Below are guidelines to write a good application letter.

1.    Read Winning College Application Essays

Do you know how to start a college application essay that will earn you that coveted admission slot? The college of your dreams has admitted many other learners before. The admission essays they wrote, influenced the decision made to admit them. Get to visit the college website and read through the winning essays. You might find an explanation as to why a specific essay grasped their attention.

Write down the criteria used in the essays. You can incorporate it as you write yours and earn yourself a high chance of admission.

2.    Don’t Delegate Writing to Someone

You might be tempted to entrust someone to write it, don’t give in to this. The delegation could also be in the form of copying or editing someone’s already written essay. No matter the means of commission, it has adverse effects.

Allowing someone else to write for you will make the essay to lose its originality. You are unique, and only you can put that uniqueness in writing.

The officer needs to hear your voice and not that of the person you ask to write for you. By any chance, if the admission officer gets to know of this, the board can disqualify you.

When you give us the opportunity to write your college app essay, be sure to share all the important details that will enable us to write it from your perspective.

3.    Brainstorm Your College Application Essay

There are different ways you can use to come up with the ideas for your essay topic. Be free to come up with a topic that excites you. Do not pick a simple topic so that you can rush through.

It is good to have a plan as you write; have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The plan will help your college application essay to have a flow. Plan how you will open your admission essay. Choose the tone you will use depending on the ideas you are drawing from.

  • Answer the Questions

You should answer the questions asked by the institution appropriately. Understand what you are to answer, by reading and re-reading them. Understanding their queries will help you not to veer off the topic.

Use surprising examples while answering the questions for your responses to be clear.

5.    Be Authentic in Your College Essay

Originality will make you stand out. As you write, let the admission officer hear your voice. Do not use common phrases like, “There is much suffering globally; I should help people.”

You may also be tempted to be creative and show that you are perfect. Keep yourself in check, and be honest, although you have to portray critical thinking in your essay.

The members of the admission board do not expect you to be perfect. Authenticity will be an influencing factor for your admission.

6.    Provide Examples you’ve Experienced

Common words without clarity are a significant mistake that admission officers can quickly point out. You should not give phrases alone to describe your qualities like “I have leadership skills.”

If you were a president in your school, give an experience you had. A good example could be that the students were having an issue with the school management as you were leading.

This issue had been brought about by banning of music competitions. The students planned to break the school rules, but instead, you talked to them and presented their case to the school management.

The students decided to let you handle the matter with the school administration rather than break the rules.

In giving such an explanation, the admissions officer can see the leadership skills in you, unlike in a phrase.

7.    Avoid Repetition in Your College App Essay

Like you have not contradicted your statements, don’t repeat them. Do not mention your grades in the college application essay.

The admission officers can access them in your test scores and the recommendation letters. Boasting about your GPA is banal and unnecessary.

8.    Add Some Humor

If you can write jokes that will make an admission officer laugh, you can be sure that your essay won’t go unnoticed. It would help if you were cautious in picking the right joke. You can test it on your teachers or parents, as you can see in our college application essay sample.

It is also vital to ensure that you don’t joke about race or gender. You may be genuine while making such, but instead, it becomes offensive.

9.    Write Several Drafts

If you were an admission’s officer, would you enjoy reading your essay? If you are getting bored while reading it, you can imagine how the admission officer will feel?

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Is this essay interesting?
  • Are these ideas flowing logically?
  • Does this essay reveal something about this applicant?
  • Is this essay authentic?

These questions will help you ensure that your college application essay is catchy, fluent and does not veer off the topic.

10. Revise your College Application Essay

When you write the final draft, you need to go through it several times. Proofread your college application essay for grammatical errors while avoiding abbreviations or slang. It might indicate carelessness.

Read the college application essay backward. It seems weird, but as you read each sentence on its own, you will quickly identify mistakes. You may find missing articles such as ‘an’ and ‘the.’

Hand it over to another person to read it, whether it is a parent, teacher, or friend. Since they have their interest in you to succeed, they will point out the mistakes so you can rectify them. It will make your essay compelling and attractive.

Final Thoughts on Why this College Essay

College application essay writing can be efficiently done if you follow a few basic requirements. Conversancy with winning essays and often revisions will inspire you.

When you add humor, be authentic, brainstorm, and provide real-life examples, you will have the admission officer’s attention to the end.

Answering the questions, not delegating writing, and not repeating will help you avoid mistakes that can easily nullify you.

With these few tips, you can now enjoy writing your college application essay. You can also check your various guides on writing an analytical essay, movie review, or introductory paragraph.

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