How to Write a Movie Review Essay

How do you how to write a movie review for your English class? Whether a movie is an excellent piece of art or some mediocre work, it is worth some critique. A movie is produced to persuade, entertain, educate, or inform while being careful not to overdo it. 

A decent movie review differs from book or magazine reviews. Below we provide you with incredible tips to help you next time you are analyzing your movie. 

Start by Watching the Movie 

You may not be a movie enthusiast, and that is fine. However, that does not eliminate the possibility of a film analysis essay in the course of your education journey.

When you are required to analyze a movie you have not watched, watch the film first. 

There is a temptation to go online and learn from the best movie review sites or looking for how to write a movie review pdf over the internet.

That will not carry the day as the reviewers may leave something important out, and your work will not be original. 

Find the time and watch the particular movie at least twice. The first time, get a brief overview of the film and note the main characters and the general plot. On subsequent times, pay special attention to the details you would love to criticize. 

While you watch, you should take notes of the things that strike you, such as costumes, music, set design, and even makeup. It would help to pause the movie from time to time and even rewind to note all essential elements. 

Gather Information About the Movie 

Before writing your review, you need to have basic facts surrounding the movie, like the title, year of production, the genre, name of the director, and lead actors’ names. 

It would help to also read other film reviews, especially from the best movie review sites online. You get an idea of something you might have missed out. 

Consider Movie Mechanics 

In the mechanics, you consider the impression of the movie, in other words, where it leaves the viewer. 

In this, you are looking at all the crucial elements that go into making a movie. For example, how are the setting and backgrounds? Do they help create a specific tone? 

You are also considering the characters and their choice of words. What words and phrases did the characters use? Are they seem credible? Why or why not?

In addition, how is the script? How do dialogue and characterization connect to the plot? Is the plot weak, strong, or even boring?

The soundtrack also plays a vital role. Its message should be timely and fit within the overall flow of the film. 

The direction of the movie is also essential. You are considering whether the film is slow, repetitive, or incredible.

Are there some essential elements that the director seems to have omitted, or do you think there is somewhere things were exaggerated? 

Finally, in the movie mechanics, you are looking at the editing. Is there a clear transition from one scene to another? Did you realize some sloppiness in the movie that you think needed editing before production? 

Make your Film Critique Draft 

Now that you have watched the movie, and written down some important aspects, start writing your draft using the tips below. 

1.    Start with an Attention Grabber 

When writing the introduction, it should provide an appealing opinion or a compelling fact of the movie. This essay hook will help your readers see your film analysis is excellent, and they will continue reading. Provide the background information of the film by giving the context of the movie. You can also provide a film comment concisely. 

A hook that would warrant a film review example is ‘XYZ film is a unique movie where the scenes, jokes, costumes, and characters work together to produce an insatiable piece worth of repeated watching.’

The introduction is incomplete without a concise and clear thesis statement. This objectively guides the readers on what to expect. It is best to have this main thought at the end of your introductory paragraph before delving into the main body. 

2.    Provide your Opinion of the Movie at the Beginning 

You may be tempted to wait until the last minute to provide your rating of the film. This step is a wrong move as most readers are not patient enough to wait until the end. As soon as you start, tell your readers what you think and give the evidence to support your stand in the main body of the film review. 

You can use a scale of 1 to 5 or even use words like good, excellent, or bad. You can also use phrases such as, ‘Movie ABC is a gem, worth of your popcorns, time, and money. 

3.    Go Deep in your Analysis/Movie Review

The body movie review should go beyond the usual plot analysis. It should be in-depth and comprehensive. Here you provide a backup of the opinion you started on your introduction. 

Some inexperienced movie reviewers consider the plot as the primary basis of a film review, such that without a great plot, the movie is terrible. Well, that is mythical. Other elements make a movie excellent besides the plot. 

For example, the tone prevalent in the movie as well as the acting matters. Is there consistency, are the actors authentic, and is the piece original?

You may also review cinematography, music, and sound. It is important to give credit where it is due.

If they are excellently done, it will help to mention in your review. In the body, incorporate the elements you looked at in the movie mechanics.

Help the reader of your review see things that are not obvious and provide value for them. Only be careful not to be a spoiler.

Practice, coupled with the research of excellent film reviews, helps you strike that balance. 

A pro tip- always provides examples from the movie to support your claims. This may require you to watch the film severally to be conversant with all the essential elements. 

4.    Bring your Movie Review into a Conclusion 

As you desire to make a killer essay, conclude your review by restating the thesis and guiding your audience on whether to watch the film or not. Make your end entertaining and brief. 

Proofread and Edit your Film Review 

Knowing how to write an excellent review is one thing, and delivering an outstanding piece is something else. Avoid obvious mistakes by rereading your film analysis and editing it thoroughly. Eliminate fluff and wordiness. 

You can utilize online software like Grammarly and Hemingway to ensure your movie review is appealing, professional, and original. You can benefit from a friend’s proofreading skills to make sure your writing is sharp and fluent. 


Knowing how to write an excellent movie review requires practice and extensive research. Before drafting, watch the movie several times, as you take note of the vital elements to include in the critique.

Lastly, read what other seasoned reviewers have to say. Make sure you thoroughly edit your film critique before submission. 

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