How to Write an Essay Proposal

Do you have a great idea but you struggling with how to express it? Well, don’t worry anymore, we have the right guidelines for you to pen an authentic and excellent proposal essay.

We understand that it can be quite challenging to write an essay proposal that encompasses all the unique details that come with an idea, so we have done intensive research on how to write an essay proposal.

With us are the proposal definition and the prewriting particulars such as the instructor’s directives, topic selection, knowing your audience, research, etc. We will also discuss its structure. Read on to get a deeper understanding.

What is an Essay Proposal?

An essay proposal is a paper that suggests or advances an idea and gives evidence to convince the audience why the idea is good. While proposals are usually important for economic and business transactions, they are not confined to these two areas. They can be written for college classes, personal purposes, scientific fields, and other professions.

Prewriting Stage of an Essay Proposal

Step 1: Review your Instructor’s Guidelines on the Essay

Some instructors will often have slightly different guidelines for the proposal assignment they give you. It is vital to go through them so that you cover what they want.

Step 2: Select a Topic

You should select a topic that you have sufficient information and that which is relevant to the subject area. Also, consider choosing a topic that you are interested in so that you enjoy the writing process.

Step 3: Know your Audience

Since a proposal is a strategy to convince the reader that your idea is valid, it is essential to know who your audience is so that you employ the right approach to communicate with them effectively.

Are they investors? Government representatives? Scholars? If your audience comprises entrepreneurs, you have to justify the proposal by showing the possible financial gains.

Step 4: Do Research

Use secondary resources to support your claims to persuade your audience. Talk to experts or read their research to gather more reliable information. Before you go to the next step, make sure that you have enough information concerning the topic.

Step 5: Pre-write your Essay Proposal

Before you craft the actual essay, brainstorm some ideas, and list them down. Once you have several ideas, utilize them to write a draft. As you create the draft, make sure you organize the ideas for clarity and flow.

Step 6: Revise Your Draft Several Times

Don’t turn in your draft! Request a friend you trust to read your paper and give you feedback.

Then use the feedback to polish your essay. Finally, proofread and edit any spelling and grammatical errors.

The Structure when Writing an Essay Proposal

The following are the parts of a proposal essay. It is vital to note that you can rearrange them according to your instructor’s guidelines except for the introduction and the conclusion.

Section 1: Introduction

This section introduces the subject to your audience, who could be informed or uninformed. You can also inform the reader about the proposal’s history if it’s applicable.

Since this is the first part of your paper, you should introduce your topic and show the reader why he or she should get concerned with it. You can start with an intriguing fact, anecdote, or a fascinating statistic to grasp the reader’s attention.

Generally, people pen proposals to solve problems, so you have to highlight a specific problem you perceive your proposal will solve

Section 2: Proposal

In this part, write your purpose statement. Be precise and just explain your actual proposition. Confirm that you don’t reveal how you will implement your proposal in this section.

Section 3: Plan of Action

What strategies will you use to execute your proposal? How will you show the audience you are prepared?

This section is a chance for you to provide detailed information on how you will implement the proposal. Below is what to include in this section:

  1. Detail – as you explain the implementation, provide enough information to the audience to see you have contemplated how the whole process will work.
  2. Convince – persuade the audience that the proposal will work, and you are the right person to carry it out. You can do this by highlighting your qualifications to show why you need to execute the task. In case you are not the person who will perform the task, you can eliminate this part.
  3. Anticipate – reveal the stumbling blocks that you expect in the execution process. It will make your audience to trust you more since you are honest.

Section 4: Desired Results

Simply state the goals of the proposal. Make it clear for the reader to understand what benefits they will get if the proposal is carried out.

Section 5: Necessary Resources

What do you need to carry out your proposal? Present all tangible and intangible resources that you require to implement the proposal. The tangible can be computers, money, etc. while the intangible can include time among other items.

Section 6: Conclusion

If you mentioned the history of the subject in the introduction, don’t restate it in this section. You can briefly summarize each part that is the proposal, plan to action, and so on.

Section 7: Work Cited

If you quote a resource, you can write the title work cited for this part. In case you don’t cite a resource word to word, have (Work Consulted) as your subheading. Then follow the citation style that your instructor directs you to use.

Check this essay sample to learn some tips on how to craft an excellent essay proposal.

Final Thoughts

Advancing an idea with evidence to persuade the reader can be difficult, but you can accomplish this with the right instructions. First, prewrite your proposal by reviewing your instructor’s guideline, selecting a topic, knowing your audience, researching, crafting the draft, and revising it several times.

The second step, which is your final stage, is to follow the structure as you pen your proposal. Start with an appealing intro, pen your purpose statement, and the plan to action.

After the plan to action, write the desired outcome, the required resources, the conclusion, and the work cited. Having learnt how to write an essay proposal, you can confidently express your idea!

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