How to Write an Opinion Piece

Have you ever read a news item that stirred anger in you to the point that you felt you should write a letter of resentment to the editor? Well, most of us have. You may also find yourself observing peoples’ behavior, and concluding in your mind what you think about it.

These two scenarios show a common life occurrence of people having an opinion and looking for ways to express themselves. An opinion piece is an opportunity for you to express your view on a certain topic or issue. Below, we provide guidelines on how to write an opinion piece.

We have expounded on the key elements, the format, and tips for writing an opinion piece. Read on to have a precise understanding.

Key Elements of an Opinion Piece

Theme and Topic

The topic can be a person, place, concern, or incident, which is the focus of your piece. You must choose your topic wisely. Pick a subject that you know how to write from experience. 

You will also earn more points if you write on a subject that is new, on-trend, surprising, and the audience can relate with. It is essential to state your topic in the introductory paragraph.

The theme is the extensive-expression of your topic. This expression includes the thesis of your piece, your point, and the significance of your opinion. You can write your theme in the early stages of your piece or the later stages to get into a higher level of argument.

Intensive Research

While the opinion piece allows you to express your opinion, substantial research determines its success. Get facts about your subject, citations, and data from diverse, and reliable sources. 

You may also use personal observation and sensory language that will engage and give clarity to your audience. The sensory language involves descriptions of touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound, creating a vivid explanation of your opinion.

There are two research methods:

The field research method comprises of interviews, going to a scene, and primary materials. The library, academic, or internet research involves the use of secondary materials, such as graphs, scholarly pieces, and charts. 

Doing thorough research equips you to write a fluent and cohesive opinion piece.

The Opinion Essay Format


The heading includes the title, the date, the writer, and the author’s credentials. These are basic details; make sure that all of them appear in the heading.

The Introductory Paragraph

The opener should grasp the reader’s attention to make sure they read the piece to the end. To succeed in this, you can start with an exciting story or an example that summarizes your opinion.

Reveal the problem to the reader, demonstrate the effects of the problem, and end your introduction paragraph with a hint to find a solution. Make sure that the last sentence of your first paragraph links to the other sections to maintain fluency.

The Body

The supporting paragraphs should authenticate the lead. The second paragraph presents the solution after restating the problem. Develop your lead with facts, anecdotes, and statistics. 

You should explain clearly to the reader your idea or opinion if it is a solution to an issue, how practical is it to the community or an individual? While writing this part of your piece, avoid straying from the topic.

The Conclusion 

The conclusion is the last paragraph of the opinion paper. Wrap up the piece at this point, by informing the reader what they can do or call them to action. You have to make your last paragraph appealing.

Tips for Writing an Outstanding Opinion Piece

By now, you may be having concerns due to the bountiful requirements of an opinion piece. Worry no more we have some tips you can use to pen that excellent opinion piece. Check at the following tips:

Tip 1: Give Your Opinion

The paramount goal of an opinion piece is to show the author’s point of view. You should not engage in news analysis and gauging other opinions. Have a clear thesis, substantiated by carefully organized evidence to craft a persuasive argument.

Tip 2: Use an Authoritative Voice

Most readers look for writers with a stand because a standing is powered by the author’s expertise or an exceptional experience of an issue. 

Grasp your reader’s attention and gain their trust by use of an authoritative tone. You should not use passive voice since it shows lack of confidence, knowledge and obscures your opinion to the reader. 

Tip 3: Supplement with Unknown Facts

When creating your piece, consider the unusual, new, and timely issues. We have newspaper containing the name ‘new’ to craft an opinion piece with fresh facts and updated statistics to back your argument, not information that is common to many people. 

Tip 4: Proofread Your Piece 

When your piece is ready, don’t hand it in immediately. You might have made spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can identify and correct the errors using software. Take a step further and have a colleague read through your piece to identify any more mistakes.  

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Crafting an excellent opinion piece requires you to choose your topic carefully. Pick a subject that you know about to get enough writing concepts. Thorough research will equip you not to run out of writing ideas. 

Hook your reader in the introduction part, and ensure the continuation of your theme in the supporting paragraphs to maintain consistency. Be opinionated and aggressive for easy capturing of your reader’s trust. By being passive means, you have no opinion contrary to the goal of an opinion piece.

Having learnt how to write an opinion piece, go ahead, and come up with an exceptional opinion paper. Better still; try our essay writing services today.

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