How to Write a Case Study

A case study is a research design of analysis that is used to evaluate an individual, group, or research phenomenon. This type of research aims to uncover new information or solutions for a particular problem. The process of writing a good case study may help you in;

  • Describing a specific situation or case in detail
  • Identifying the crucial issues of the case
  • Analyzing the case using relevant theoretical viewpoints of your discipline
  • Recommending a course of action as a solution to the case problem.

In this article, we will provide you with the methods and steps you need to write your case study essay.

The Major Forms of Case Studies

There are two main types of case studies; problem-solving, and descriptive case studies.

Problem-solving case studies are conducted to assess a problem or case in an individual or group. It even goes a step further to recommend a potential solution to the problem based on a review of related literature.

On the other hand, descriptive case studies are useful in enhancing your understanding of a particular scenario. It examines what happened and why it did by identifying significant factors of the case and assessing them within various theoretical frameworks.

As such, descriptive case studies may help in decision making where a different problem with similar features has been identified.

Before embarking on writing your case study report, you will need to familiarize yourself with the steps involved. Below is the process of putting together a good case study. The tips provided below will help you understand how to write a case study essay.

Writing a Case Study Step By Step

Step 1: Identifying Your Topic of Study

Firstly it is essential to determine what you would like to investigate. It may be an issue that was raised in class or a current trend that is of interest to you. It should be a topic you find exciting, or that inspires your curiosity.

Step 2: Research on Your Selected Topic

Once you land a specific subject, try to do some preliminary research on it. This may help you narrow down your focus to several key issues. Focus on pointing out the cause of these problems and their impact on your research.

Try to brainstorm as many unique potential solutions as you can. Doing so will give you a view of how much information is available on the matter of your choice.

You should select a topic that gives you enough data to put together a comprehensive piece. Establish whether there have been similar studies in the past. A review of such studies is likely to help you find different perspectives to approach your problem. It will also assist you in coming up with out-of-the-box solutions.

 Step 3: Organizing Your Case Study Research Essay

The format of your case study essay is a bit similar to that of a typical research paper. This framework should help form the skeleton of your writing by giving you an idea of what is expected. We advise you on the content that will put the meat on the bones of your essay.

1.    Introduction

Here, it would help if you told your reader about what your paper entails. It encapsulates the scope and purpose of your study. It should address how and why the research will approach the problem.

You should describe the subject of analysis and explain the essential elements of the case that may help broaden the understanding of the problem.

You will want to elaborate on the significance of the research issue. Tell the reader why you think your subject and study design are crucial in understanding the topic you will choose. It will be essential to provide some background information. It may give the reader a view of the overall context of the matter you are investigating.

Explain how your study will prove useful in uncovering new knowledge about your topic and expanding the depth of information available.

2.    Theoretical Framework

This section mostly involves a historical assessment of the problem, also known as a literature review. It includes exploring information from various sources relevant to the issue at hand. it will be valuable to organize this data logically so that your reader can understand your approach.

Take note of any studies that have examined a similar subject of analysis. You will need to cite all the sources appropriately when referring to them in your research. Include any recent work that supports your investigation and explains how it introduces a new perspective that can clear the way for future studies.

As you review the sources, it will be essential to synthesize the data. You could organize the information according to the context of what they contribute to your study. Also, you will want to describe the relationship between various works that apply to the case.

You should review any research that has examined your problem using a different method. Explore in good detail any new ways of interpreting prior research concerning your case study.

Should you encounter an area that needs additional information related to your topic, take note of it. You could recommend further research that can fill any gaps that exist in the case. Your literature review should place your problem within the broader context of prior research. Doing this will demonstrate that you have thoroughly synthesized past works connected to the issue.

3.    Method

This section should elaborate on the strategy you will use to identify and address your problem. The description you provide will vary depending on the subject of your analysis, be it; an individual, an event, a phenomenon, or a place.

  • An event – such a study focuses on a rare occurrence to find an unexplored way of tackling the problem or testing a hypothesis. You should describe the method used to identify the incident and how you determined the validity of the case.
  • A person – illustrate why you chose the individual. Mention any experience that they may have that can be useful in promoting new knowledge. Elaborate on why their expertise is crucial to your study.
  • Place – provide the vital characteristics of the site or area the problem exists. These traits may be physical, social, cultural, political, economic, etc. How does the area or the factors within it shed new light on the subject?
  • Phenomenon – this may be any observable fact or circumstance that can be studied or understood. Describe how a good comprehension of it can cause some advancement in the available information.

4.    Discussion

In this section, you should provide an exposition of your findings. You should state the significant results in a declarative and concise manner. Present any surprising information and make an emphasis on them.

You may acknowledge the connection between your results and those of the past studies. Linking your findings to similar studies may help establish the importance of your results. Identify any limitations of your research and any unanswered research question you did not address.

Finish this section by suggesting areas for future research.

5.    Conclusion

Sum up your paper by highlighting how your results agree with or differ from past studies. Elaborate on how your findings have answered your research question.

Be sure to provide a list of cited works and reference all your sources.


Now you should have a good understanding of what a case study is, and the research and organizational skills necessary for the production of a case study paper, you may go ahead and write your essay.

Being familiar with what is expected should help you write your case study paper most naturally. However, if you are still having some trouble doing so, worry no further. Use our professional writing assistance, which guarantees that you deliver an outstanding paper that will earn you a good grade.

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